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Supported Widgets

Widgets are auto-identified as you create an application. Make quick modifications for these widgets and widget properties. Easily fix the issues or modify them as per design needs. Below are the supported Flutter widgets which you can play with in the editor area of Flutter builder.


The topmost widget for any screen which represents the top layer containing basic navigations of the app like navigation menu, go to profile button, etc.

idSpecifies name of AppBar
heightDefines height for AppBar


A widget for helping the user make a selection by entering some text and choosing from among a list of options.

idSpecifies name for AutoCompleteTextField
alignment Defines alignment for AutoCompleteTextField
marginLeftDefines left margin for AutoCompleteTextField
marginRightDefines right margin for AutoCompleteTextField
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for AutoCompleteTextField
marginTopDefines top margin for AutoCompleteTextField
paddingLeftDefines left padding for AutoCompleteTextField
paddingRightDefines right padding for AutoCompleteTextField
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for AutoCompleteTextField
paddingTopDefines top padding for AutoCompleteTextField
widthDefines width for AutoCompleteTextField


A button allows users to take action and make choices with a single tap. They can be used in any part of our user interface, including dialogs, forms, cards, toolbars, etc.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a button.

idSpecifies name for Button
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Button
alignment Defines alignment for Button
marginLeftDefines left margin for Button
marginRightDefines right margin for Button
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Button
marginTopDefines top margin for Button
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Button
paddingRightDefines right padding for Button
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Button
paddingTopDefines top padding for Button
widthDefines width for Button
heightDefines height for Button


A widget with built-in configurable views such as day, week, workweek, month, schedule, timeline day, timeline week, timeline workweek and timeline month that provide basic functionalities for scheduling and representing appointments/events efficiently.

Flutter supports the table_calendar widget for calendar.

idSpecifies name for Calendar
alignment Defines alignment for Calendar
marginLeftDefines left margin for Calendar
marginRightDefines right margin for Calendar
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Calendar
marginTopDefines top margin for Calendar
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Calendar
paddingRightDefines right padding for Calendar
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Calendar
paddingTopDefines top padding for Calendar
widthDefines width for Calendar
heightDefines height for Calendar


A card is a sheet used to represent information related to each other, such as an album, a geographical location, contact details, etc. We mainly use it to store the content and action of a single object.

A card has rounded corners and a shadow.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a card.

idSpecifies name for Card
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Card
alignment Defines alignment for Card
marginLeftDefines left margin for Card
marginRightDefines right margin for Card
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Card
marginTopDefines top margin for Card
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Card
paddingRightDefines right padding for Card
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Card
paddingTopDefines top padding for Card
widthDefines width for Card


A checkbox is a graphical widget that allows you to make a binary decision, that is, a decision between two mutually exclusive possibilities.

idSpecifies name for Checkbox
alignment Defines alignment for Checkbox
marginLeftDefines left margin for Checkbox
marginRightDefines right margin for Checkbox
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Checkbox
marginTopDefines top margin for Checkbox
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Checkbox
paddingRightDefines right padding for Checkbox
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Checkbox
paddingTopDefines top padding for Checkbox


An item of the chip which can be an attribute, text, entity, or action.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a chip item.

idSpecifies name for ChipItem
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on ChipItem
alignment Defines alignment for ChipItem
marginLeftDefines left margin for ChipItem
marginRightDefines right margin for ChipItem
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for ChipItem
marginTopDefines top margin for ChipItem
paddingLeftDefines left padding for ChipItem
paddingRightDefines right padding for ChipItem
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for ChipItem
paddingTopDefines top padding for ChipItem
widthDefines width for ChipItem


Chips are compact elements that represent an attribute, text, entity, or action.

idSpecifies name for Chip
marginLeftDefines left margin for Chip
marginRightDefines right margin for Chip
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Chip
marginTopDefines top margin for Chip
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Chip
paddingRightDefines right padding for Chip
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Chip
paddingTopDefines top padding for Chip
widthDefines width for Chip


A circular image view is commonly used for displaying an avatar or profile pic.

This is equivalent to an Image wrapped with ClipRRect.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of the image.

idSpecifies name for CircleImage
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on CircleImage
alignmentDefines alignment for CircleImage
marginLeftDefines left margin for CircleImage
marginRightDefines right margin for CircleImage
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for CircleImage
marginTopDefines top margin for CircleImage
widthDefines width for CircleImage
heightDefines height for CircleImage


A widget that shows progress in a circular manner.

idSpecifies name for CircularProgressIndicator
alignmentDefines alignment for CircularProgressIndicator
marginLeftDefines left margin for CircularProgressIndicator
marginRightDefines right margin for CircularProgressIndicator
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for CircularProgressIndicator
marginTopDefines top margin for CircularProgressIndicator
paddingLeftDefines left padding for CircularProgressIndicator
paddingRightDefines right padding for CircularProgressIndicator
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for CircularProgressIndicator
paddingTopDefines top padding for CircularProgressIndicator
widthDefines width for CircularProgressIndicator
heightDefines height for CircularProgressIndicator


A Column is a widget used to display child widgets in a vertical manner.

This widget contains multiple widgets which are displayed in the same vertical column from top to bottom.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a column.

idSpecifies name for Column
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Column
alignmentDefines alignment for Column
marginLeftDefines left margin for Column
marginRightDefines right margin for Column
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Column
marginTopDefines top margin for Column
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Column
paddingRightDefines right padding for Column
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Column
paddingTopDefines top padding for Column
widthDefines width for Column
verticalAlignmentDefines vertical alignment for Column
horizontalAlignmentDefines horizontal alignment for Column


A widget which provides an easy way to search and select country or country phone code for the telephone number.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of it to open a menu for picking a country/country code.

idSpecifies name for CountryPicker
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on CountryPicker
alignmentDefines alignment for CountryPicker
marginLeftDefines left margin for CountryPicker
marginRightDefines right margin for CountryPicker
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for CountryPicker
marginTopDefines top margin for CountryPicker
paddingLeftDefines left padding for CountryPicker
paddingRightDefines right padding for CountryPicker
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for CountryPicker
paddingTopDefines top padding for CountryPicker
widthDefines width for CountryPicker


A thin horizontal line with padding on either side. In the material design, this represents a divider.

Dividers can be used in lists, and drawers to separate content.

idSpecifies name for Divider
alignmentDefines alignment for Divider
marginLeftDefines left margin for Divider
marginRightDefines right margin for Divider
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Divider
marginTopDefines top margin for Divider
widthDefines width for Divider
heightDefines height for Divider

A dropdown allows you to choose from a list of options. It displays the presently chosen item and an arrow on the right that leads to a menu where you can pick another item.

idSpecifies name for Dropdown
alignmentDefines alignment for Dropdown
marginLeftDefines left margin for Dropdown
marginRightDefines right margin for Dropdown
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Dropdown
marginTopDefines top margin for Dropdown
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Dropdown
paddingRightDefines right padding for Dropdown
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Dropdown
paddingTopDefines top padding for Dropdown
widthDefines width for Dropdown


A type of list view that is used to show multiple types of data based on category and subcategory.

You can add an onClick to set an action to expand or collapse on tap of the view in list items.

idSpecifies name for ExpandableList
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on ExpandableList
alignmentDefines alignment for ExpandableList
marginLeftDefines left margin for ExpandableList
marginRightDefines right margin for ExpandableList
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for ExpandableList
marginTopDefines top margin for ExpandableList
paddingLeftDefines left padding for ExpandableList
paddingRightDefines right padding for ExpandableList
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for ExpandableList
paddingTopDefines top padding for ExpandableList
widthDefines width for ExpandableList


GridView is a Flutter widget that displays objects in a 2-D array (two-dimensional rows and columns).

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a grid.

idSpecifies name for GridView
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on GridView
alignmentDefines alignment for GridView
marginLeftDefines left margin for GridView
marginRightDefines right margin for GridView
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for GridView
marginTopDefines top margin for GridView
paddingLeftDefines left padding for GridView
paddingRightDefines right padding for GridView
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for GridView
paddingTopDefines top padding for GridView


An icon button is a picture printed on a Material widget that reacts when pressed. Icon buttons are commonly used in the AppBar and many other places in the screen design.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a icon button.

idSpecifies name for IconButton
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on IconButton
alignmentDefines alignment for IconButton
marginLeftDefines left margin for IconButton
marginRightDefines right margin for IconButton
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for IconButton
marginTopDefines top margin for IconButton
paddingLeftDefines left padding for IconButton
paddingRightDefines right padding for IconButton
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for IconButton
paddingTopDefines top padding for IconButton
widthDefines width for IconButton
heightDefines height for IconButton


For image, you can modify image attributes like width, height, margin-top, margin-bottom, margin-left, and margin-right.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of an image.

idSpecifies name for Image
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Image
alignmentDefines alignment for Image
marginLeftDefines left margin for Image
marginRightDefines right margin for Image
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Image
marginTopDefines top margin for Image
widthDefines width for Image
heightDefines height for Image


It is a group of objects which can be vertical or horizontal.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a list.

idSpecifies name for ListView
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on ListView
alignmentDefines alignment for ListView
marginLeftDefines left margin for ListView
marginRightDefines right margin for ListView
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for ListView
marginTopDefines top margin for ListView
widthDefines width for ListView


The linear progress indicator is a bar that shows the progress of the task in a horizontal manner.

idSpecifies name for LinearProgressIndicator
alignmentDefines alignment for LinearProgressIndicator
marginLeftDefines left margin for LinearProgressIndicator
marginRightDefines right margin for LinearProgressIndicator
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for LinearProgressIndicator
marginTopDefines top margin for LinearProgressIndicator
paddingLeftDefines left padding for LinearProgressIndicator
paddingRightDefines right padding for LinearProgressIndicator
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for LinearProgressIndicator
paddingTopDefines top padding for LinearProgressIndicator
widthDefines width for LinearProgressIndicator
heightDefines height for LinearProgressIndicator


A Map widget is used for integrating Google maps into your app.

You can also change the view of an identified component to Map, if it is not identified.

idSpecifies name for Map
alignmentDefines alignment for Map
marginLeftDefines left margin for Map
marginRightDefines right margin for Map
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Map
marginTopDefines top margin for Map
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Map
paddingRightDefines right padding for Map
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Map
paddingTopDefines top padding for Map
enableZoomBoolean to enable zoom for Map
enableMarkerBoolean to enable marker for Map
widthDefines width for Map
heightDefines height for Map


A widget used for a specific purpose, such as when one-time password verification is necessary.

idSpecifies name for OTPView
alignmentDefines alignment for OTPView
marginLeftDefines left margin for OTPView
marginRightDefines right margin for OTPView
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for OTPView
marginTopDefines top margin for OTPView
paddingLeftDefines left padding for OTPView
paddingRightDefines right padding for OTPView
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for OTPView
paddingTopDefines top padding for OTPView
widthDefines width for OTPView


Flutter Pager indications are the dots that appear at the top or bottom of the mobile screen. The number of pages in a series is indicated by pager indicators, which also indicate which page is presently being displayed.

idSpecifies name for PagerIndicator
alignmentDefines alignment for PagerIndicator
marginLeftDefines left margin for PagerIndicator
marginRightDefines right margin for PagerIndicator
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for PagerIndicator
marginTopDefines top margin for PagerIndicator
paddingLeftDefines left padding for PagerIndicator
paddingRightDefines right padding for PagerIndicator
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for PagerIndicator
paddingTopDefines top padding for PagerIndicator
widthDefines width for PagerIndicator
heightDefines height for PagerIndicator
indicatorHeightDefines indicator’s height for PagerIndicator
indicatorWidthDefines indicator’s width for PagerIndicator


The PagerElement widget helps you to switch between different screens for a Pager set up.

This is a page-by-page scrollable list.

tabScreenSpecifies the attached Tab screen


A widget that allows to set up pagination.

idSpecifies name for Pager
alignmentDefines alignment for Pager
marginLeftDefines left margin for Pager
marginRightDefines right margin for Pager
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Pager
marginTopDefines top margin for Pager
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Pager
paddingRightDefines right padding for Pager
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Pager
paddingTopDefines top padding for Pager
widthDefines width for Pager
heightDefines height for Pager


The Phone Number field is similar to a number field, but with a pre-defined list of common phone number patterns.

In this number field, letters and most symbols are not allowed.

idSpecifies name for PhoneNumberInput
alignmentDefines alignment for PhoneNumberInput
marginLeftDefines left margin for PhoneNumberInput
marginRightDefines right margin for PhoneNumberInput
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for PhoneNumberInput
marginTopDefines top margin for PhoneNumberInput
paddingLeftDefines left padding for PhoneNumberInput
paddingRightDefines right padding for PhoneNumberInput
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for PhoneNumberInput
paddingTopDefines top padding for PhoneNumberInput
widthDefines width for PhoneNumberInput


A radio button, often known as an options button, is a button that stores a Boolean value.

It lets you select only one option from a list of possibilities.

idSpecifies name for Radio
alignmentDefines alignment for Radio
marginLeftDefines left margin for Radio
marginRightDefines right margin for Radio
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Radio
marginTopDefines top margin for Radio
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Radio
paddingRightDefines right padding for Radio
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Radio
paddingTopDefines top padding for Radio


Shows the group of similar Radio's as a RadioGroup.

idSpecifies name for RadioGroup
alignmentDefines alignment for RadioGroup
marginLeftDefines left margin for RadioGroup
marginRightDefines right margin for RadioGroup
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for RadioGroup
marginTopDefines top margin for RadioGroup
paddingLeftDefines left padding for RadioGroup
paddingRightDefines right padding for RadioGroup
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for RadioGroup
paddingTopDefines top padding for RadioGroup


A rating bar, as the name suggests, is used to rate a content within the app. For a rating bar/indicator item, any widget can be utilized.

idSpecifies name for RatingBar
alignmentDefines alignment for RatingBar
marginLeftDefines left margin for RatingBar
marginRightDefines right margin for RatingBar
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for RatingBar
marginTopDefines top margin for RatingBar
paddingLeftDefines left padding for RatingBar
paddingRightDefines right padding for RatingBar
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for RatingBar
paddingTopDefines top padding for RatingBar


A widget that displays its children in a horizontal array.

This is the widget to use if you want multiple widgets to be displayed in the same horizontal row.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a row.

idSpecifies name for Row
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Row
alignmentDefines alignment for Row
marginLeftDefines left margin for Row
marginRightDefines right margin for Row
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Row
marginTopDefines top margin for Row
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Row
paddingRightDefines right padding for Row
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Row
paddingTopDefines top padding for Row
verticalAlignmentDefines vertical alignment for Row
horizontalAlignmentDefines horizontal alignment for Row


It is used to scroll multiple widgets as children of the parent.

idSpecifies name for ScrollView
alignmentDefines alignment for ScrollView
marginLeftDefines left margin for ScrollView
marginRightDefines right margin for ScrollView
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for ScrollView
marginTopDefines top margin for ScrollView
paddingLeftDefines left padding for ScrollView
paddingRightDefines right padding for ScrollView
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for ScrollView
paddingTopDefines top padding for ScrollView


Provides an edit area where you can add any term and filter out the list based on the input term quickly.

idSpecifies name for SearchView
alignmentDefines alignment for SearchView
marginLeftDefines left margin for SearchView
marginRightDefines right margin for SearchView
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for SearchView
marginTopDefines top margin for SearchView
paddingLeftDefines left padding for SearchView
paddingRightDefines right padding for SearchView
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for SearchView
paddingTopDefines top padding for SearchView
widthDefines width for SearchView


In Flutter, a seek bar is a material design widget that allows you to select a range of values.

A seek bar is an extension of a ProgressBar that adds a draggable thumb.

With seek bar, you can choose from a continuous or discrete collection of values.

idSpecifies name for SeekBar
alignmentDefines alignment for SeekBar
marginLeftDefines left margin for SeekBar
marginRightDefines right margin for SeekBar
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for SeekBar
marginTopDefines top margin for SeekBar
paddingLeftDefines left padding for SeekBar
paddingRightDefines right padding for SeekBar
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for SeekBar
paddingTopDefines top padding for SeekBar
widthDefines width for SeekBar


A slider allows you to set a range of values by dragging or pressing on the desired position.

idSpecifies name for Slider
alignmentDefines alignment for Slider
marginLeftDefines left margin for Slider
marginRightDefines right margin for Slider
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Slider
marginTopDefines top margin for Slider
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Slider
paddingRightDefines right padding for Slider
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Slider
paddingTopDefines top padding for Slider
widthDefines width for Slider
heightDefines height for Slider


Spacer creates an adjustable, empty space that can be used to tune the spacing between widgets in a Flex container, like Row or Column.

idSpecifies name for Spacer
flexA flex widget allows you to control the axis along which the children are placed (horizontal or vertical).


Stack is a widget with children that are positioned relative to the box's edges.

This widget is super useful if you want to easily overlap multiple children, such as having some text and an image overlaid with a gradient and a button at the bottom.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a stack.

idSpecifies name for Stack
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Stack
alignmentDefines alignment for Stack
marginLeftDefines left margin for Stack
marginRightDefines right margin for Stack
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Stack
marginTopDefines top margin for Stack
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Stack
paddingRightDefines right padding for Stack
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Stack
paddingTopDefines top padding for Stack
widthDefines width for Stack
heightDefines height for Stack


Staggered is a layout for displaying data in a grid format.

It is made up of containers that are arranged in rows and columns of various sizes.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a grid.

idSpecifies name for Staggered
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Staggered
alignmentDefines alignment for Staggered
marginLeftDefines left margin for Staggered
marginRightDefines right margin for Staggered
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Staggered
marginTopDefines top margin for Staggered
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Staggered
paddingRightDefines right padding for Staggered
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Staggered
paddingTopDefines top padding for StStaggeredack
widthDefines width for Staggered


A switch is a two-state user interface element that can be toggled between ON(Checked) and OFF(Unchecked).

It's a button with a thumb slider that you can move back and forth to select an ON or OFF option.

idSpecifies name for Switch
alignmentDefines alignment for Switch
marginLeftDefines left margin for Switch
marginRightDefines right margin for Switch
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Switch
marginTopDefines top margin for Switch
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Switch
paddingRightDefines right padding for Switch
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Switch
paddingTopDefines top padding for Switch


It is used to switch between multiple child views using interactive user interface elements.

The tabs are mostly used for navigating on mobile devices.

idSpecifies name for Tab
alignmentDefines alignment for Tab
marginLeftDefines left margin for Tab
marginRightDefines right margin for Tab
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Tab
marginTopDefines top margin for Tab
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Tab
paddingRightDefines right padding for Tab
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Tab
paddingTopDefines top padding for Tab
widthDefines width for Tab
heightDefines height for Tab


The Text widget displays a string of text with a single style. It is also used to show certain information to the user.

You can add an onClick to set an action on tap of a text.

idSpecifies name for Text
onClickLet’s you set up on-click action on Text
alignmentDefines alignment for Text
marginLeftDefines left margin for Text
marginRightDefines right margin for Text
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for Text
marginTopDefines top margin for Text
paddingLeftDefines left padding for Text
paddingRightDefines right padding for Text
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for Text
paddingTopDefines top padding for Text
widthDefines width for Text
heightDefines height for Text


TextFormField is the most commonly used widget for text input.

You can set text-form validation on it, and also bind its input with API responses while integrating an API.

idSpecifies name for TextFormField
alignmentDefines alignment for TextFormField
marginLeftDefines left margin for TextFormField
marginRightDefines right margin for TextFormField
marginBottomDefines bottom margin for TextFormField
marginTopDefines top margin for TextFormField
paddingLeftDefines left padding for TextFormField
paddingRightDefines right padding for TextFormField
paddingBottomDefines bottom padding for TextFormField
paddingTopDefines top padding for TextFormField
widthDefines width for TextFormField