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Open Drawer

A drawer is an invisible side screen. It is a sliding left menu that generally contains important links in the application and occupies half of the screen when displayed. Drawer is a short menu from which you can navigate to app functionalities easily.

How to set up open drawer

Step 1:

Select the screen from the screen list on which you want to set up open drawer.

Step 2:

On a click of a particular icon or view, on the onClick property select Open drawer from the listed actions.


DhiWise auto-identifies all the drawer item screens of your app, which helps you choose a drawer item easily while you set up the action.

Step 3:

Then a list of drawer item screens will be displayed. Pick one which you want to open on the click.

Step 4:

Once the screen is selected, click on Save changes.

Generated code snippet

onTap: () {
child: Padding(
padding: getPadding(
top: 3, bottom: 1),
child: CommonImageView(
width: getHorizontalSize(
onTapImgMenu() {

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