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Change Widget and Widget Properties

After fetching Figma, the algorithm identifies the widgets in your design and generates UI on the basis of it for your app. However, not all the widgets may be identified appropriately. Therefore, use this functionality to modify the widget to its suitable type.

Existing widget can be changed to AutoCompleteTextField, Button, CheckBox, Dropdown, TextFormField, SearchView, and many more.


Check out other dynamic views like Map, Calendar, and many more, which are not auto-identified but are supported in change widget.

How to change a widget

Step 1: Select widget

In the screen design hierarchy, go to the widget you wish to modify.

Step 2: Select new widget

Just erase the widget name and press Ctrl+Space for a widget suggestion and select the appropriate widget you wish to modify.

Example banner

Based on the modified widget, related widget properties are also added together so, you can change the properties or their value easily.

Expand/Collapse Widget

To easily view the design hierarchy of a screen, you can expand and collapse a widget with a click and organize the design to easily view the design hierarchy.

Expand and collapse a widget

Change Widget Properties

Modify the widget's properties by adding a new property, or editing/removing an existing one.


To undo the changes, while working on widget properties, use Cmd/Window + Z.

Add a new property

Switch to a widget property, and get onto a new line, as you come to a new line, it will show you the suggestions for adding a property or press Ctrl+Space, from which you can select one and add it as a key, similarly, you can add the value for it, as shown below.

Add a new widget property

Delete/Remove a property

To delete a property, you can simply erase it.

Delete an existing widget property

Modify a property

To modify a property’s key or value, simply erase it and add the new one from the suggestions or do it manually type out.

Modify value of an existing widget property

Add an onClick property

To set up an action on tap of a widget, switch to a new line and select onClick property from property suggestions list OR use 💡 smart suggestions and select the onClick property.

You can set up actions like navigation, API integration, authentication, runtime permission, back navigation, show alert, or open a date/time picker using onClick widget property.

Add onClick property

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