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An alert can be termed a floating view that calls for an immediate response. Alerts are fairly simple to configure. You can set up an Alert dialog, Snackbar, or Toast for any UI component by entering Title and Message for the alert dialog and only Message for Snackbar or Toast.

How to set up an alert

Step 1: Select screen

Select the screen from the screen list on which you want to set up alert dialog.

Step 2: Select a widget, add onClick and choose Show alert

Now, select a widget on which you want to open an alert, and onClick property, choose Show alert.

add onClick and choose show alert option

Step 3: Add function name

Provide a valid function name for show alert method to be generated in the code.

add a valid function name

Step 4: Select alert type

Add input for Please choose the type of alert you want to integrate select a type from the below;

Alert dialogAlert Dialog is used to display an Alert message and provide a yes-or-no response
ToastIt provides simple feedback about an operation in a small popup and disappears on its own after the allotted time is over
SnackbarIt is a lightweight message that briefly informs the user when a certain action occurs and disappears on its own after the allotted time is over

Select type for alert

Step 5: Add suitable title and message for alert

Next, you need to provide an appropriate message for your Alert dialog/Toast/Snackbar as chosen by you and also a title if you have chosen an Alert dialog. And click on the Save change in the top right corner.

Alert title and message and save changes

At this stage, you have successfully added an alert to your application.

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