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In React, a constant is a variable that cannot be reassigned. Constants are declared using the const keyword like this:

const MY_CONSTANT = 'This is a constant.';

Once a constant is declared, you cannot reassign a new value. If you try reassigning a new value to a constant, you will get a runtime error.

MY_CONSTANT = 'This is a new value'; // This will throw an error

Constants are helpful when you want to ensure that the value of a variable does not change, either by accident or intentionally. They can help prevent bugs and improve the readability of your code.


It's important to note that while the value of a constant cannot be reassigned, it is still possible to modify the properties of a constant object.

Steps to add constants in your React application using DhiWise

1. Go to Pages

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2. Click on Constant from the left menu

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3. Click on Add constant

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4. Enter the file name & click on Create constant to create a new file

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5. Enter the constant name

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6. Select constant data type & click on Save

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