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DhiWise User Documentation

This is the place where you can find official information on how to use DhiWise effectively for your Web and Mobile App development. Dig into our documentation and quickstart guides. From syncing your Figma designs with DhiWise to how to use modified DhiWise code in your favourite IDEs, we’ve got you covered with everything.

Understand DhiWise

DhiWise is a programming platform where you can convert your designs into developer-friendly code for Mobile and web apps. DhiWise automates the application development lifecycle and instantly generates readable, modular and reusable code for React and Flutter Apps at blazing fast speed without comprising on code-quality and developer-experience.

Getting Started

Visit to get started with building the next big thing in the browser itself. You can also use our Figma plugin if you’re working on Figma.

Explore How it Works

Dive into our step-by-step tutorials and see how our team has used DhiWise

Learn about DhiWise

We’ve curated some topics that you’d quickly jump into to know more about how we do what we do!

Figma Sync

Import application design from Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch. Use Figma plugin or integrate your account with DhiWise and import designs with much ease.

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Auto Identification

DhiWise auto-identifies all your designs and converts them into code. Even it also auto-detects actions and set them up priorly so you can easily build your beautiful apps in no time.

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Smart Editor

Smart Editor cover all the developer's ergonomics right here! It provides the right and easy-to-get hands-on amount of creative space to a developer to build the app they desire.

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Data Binding

Let your app communicate by integrating real-time data sources in it using APIs, and backend services like Firebase and Supabase.

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Navigation and Permissions

Smoothly transit forward and backwards in your app easily by setting up navigation actions in your design. Setup run-time permissions to access user permission in your apps.

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Prebuilt Templates and Screens

DhiWise offers a vast collection of Templates. Pick a single or multiple pre-built screens of your choice, from a wide range of 1000+ screens available with different categories.

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Code Sync

Get your complete code as you are done with your application building, easily share the preview with others, get it to your IDE or sync it with your Git repositories so easily.

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Code Structure

Get code with proper code standards followed and formatting done, with managed hierarchy for the application's files and folders.

DhiWise University

Not an avid reader? Fret not, as we also have an intensive knowledge base in the form of video tutorials. Head to DhiWise University to find a library of lessons covering everything from designing a Figma to deploying an application. With more than 15 courses, you can learn to build anything ranging from a basic to an advanced application.

Figma Fundamentals
Smart Editor Basics
DhiWise 101 Crash Course
DhiWise Essentials