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Build a Laravel App

Laravel app builder is a developer-centric platform to build backend CRUD APIs with additional features to boost productivity time by twofold!

Laravel app builder also gives developers total code ownership. The code it generates is bug-free, which gives developers code consistency with zero effort.

Create Application

Click on New application.

Create a new app

Step 1:

Select platform as Bakend to create a Backend. Next, enter your Application name and select Technology from the drop-down as Laravel.

Step 2:

Click Create a new app.

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Upload, pick, or create new schema data

If you have schema data you can upload it, or choose from the given samples below.


The model framework we support are:

sailsjs, totaljs, nestjs, loopbackjs, fastifyjs.

You can create new schema data from Models

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Manage CRUD

  • Create or Upload schema data - Configure your model attributes.
  • Setup model permission - Configure CRUD operations for each model.
  • Setup model-wise routes - Autogenerated routes with query builder and more.
  • Role access - Create different roles according to platform requirements.

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Build App

Now, developers can add features like auth constant, role access, etc. Then build app, or directly build app (in MVC or Clean code) and download the source code.

These simple steps will help you reduce many of the monotonous tasks involved in building a backend and increase your work productivity.

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