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Layout Configuration

Configure how your React theme layout looks. You will find options such as listing, single-page form, loader, theme, and detailed view.

Select different view components feature from the below-given option to create React theme layout.

  • Listing

    Here you will get options such as paginate, limit page setup (per page limit), data count, search, sorting, option to hide/show table columns, and row selections (checkbox) to implement on your theme.

  • Single page form

    Developers will also get the option to configure the admin panel page with: -Single attributes in a row -Two attributes in a row -Three attributes in a row

  • Loader

    You can choose if you want a lazy loader or page loader.

  • Theme

    We provide you with a light and a dark theme option. You can choose any to be your default. However, you can always change it.

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