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Once the models are created, DhiWise auto-generates routes (The pathway of APIs). Furthermore, new routes can be added and edited with the help of logic builder and its advanced configuration options.

Therefore, instead of writing lengthy code manually for routes, models, and APIs, developers can simply use the logic builder options to add, edit, manage and configure routes for multiple models and create custom business logic within minutes.

Edit routes

Select the model route you want to edit, clone, customize, or create a new route.

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Once you click on the edit you will get the option of model permission.

Model permission

You can select the middleware you want to apply for the operation and select the attribute of the model for which you desire the API response. Then click on save to successfully update your changes.


For adding custom logic you can check out our Logic Builder

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Add route

Configure and add a route, you will see four categories such as basic and advanced. In basic you have to input all the below details:

  • Models: Choose your model.

  • Platform: Here the platform that you have already selected will come up the platform such as admin, mobile, front(website), and desktop.

  • Methods: Choose from the HTTP methods below


  • Routes: Enter API route (path) used to call appropriate API.

  • Controller: Enter the name of the controller from where the function is called.

  • Action: Enter the function name you would like to create in the controller.

  • Attributes: Select request parameters (attributes) for your route.

  • Descriptions: Enter the description for the route here.

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Select the middleware you want to apply for the operations and enter the custom header with a new key and new value.

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Generated code snippet

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