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Model Permissions

Model permission (controllers method setup) helps developers create model-wise CRUD APIs for different platforms. Moreover, developers can set up custom middleware and its attributes for specific models under any platform.

Furthermore, developers can apply middleware on APIs like bulk create & bulk update, plus configure hard delete.

Controller method set up of CRUD APIs for the respective platform.


Decide which platform has access to which information, for example, in some models, only the master user has the authority to delete and no other. However, the master user first needs to authenticate himself.

Model list

Map out require permissions to those models for their respective platforms such as mobile app, front(website), desktop, and admin.

Under each platform,

  • You can either give all CRUD permission or just a few. And, set authentication for each platform.

  • You will see the setting icon in blue. Once you click on it a side panel will appear where you can do additional configurations.

On the top right-hand corner, you have the reset button which will reset all the models.

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Set up Middleware

  • You can set up middleware and its attribute for their respective model and platform.

  • Similarly, you can set the middleware you want to apply for certain CRUD operations. Then, select the attributes of your model you wish to receive API response for.

  • In create and update, you also have the bulk option to configure and provide access to large query requests at once. Then, click on Submit.

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