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File Upload


Currently, this feature is not available on Stay tuned!

Upload files you wish in your app by setting up file upload in a few easy steps in DhiWise.

How to setup File upload

Before starting the setup you must require a file upload API to upload your file from your app. Add this API to your app in DhiWise, to know how to add it. learn more


The upload file API is required before your start API binding.

Step 1:

Select the widget on which you want to integrate the upload API, and on the onClick property select API integration, to know how to integrate an API Click here.

Step 2:

Inside API integration, select upload API.


For the Header in Handle request, select Content-type multipart/form-data

Step 3:

Next, click on Selected file in Handle request on formData for file upload.

Step 4:

As you select Selected file you need to provide the type and format of the file you want to upload. Select type and Select format of your file from the below supported types;

ImageUpload image files
jpeg | png | tiff | heic
VideoUpload video files
mp4 | mov
AudioUpload audio files
mp3 | wav
DocumentUpload document files
doc | pdf | xls | ppt | txt

Step 5:

Next, you need to provide maximum size for file to be uploaded, along with size type from KB or MB.

Next, you can handle API response, as well set actions on success and failure of the API. Learn more

At this stage, you have Upload file functionality added to your application!

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