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Data format

We have created an interactive UI for you to easily configure your format data globally with many optimization options.

Data format feature helps developers set global data format for date, boolean, & string on the Node.js application.

To create your format input the below options:


Enter a name

Data type

Select the data type option either Boolean or Date.

Date > Format

Select the date format of your choice from the below drop-down box.

Boolean > True and False

Add data format for a single model

Example banner


Select the "model" you wish to add.

Data type

You get the same data type with the exception of a new data type string.

In string, you have to enter "target", select your model "attribute" then "operation" ("Space", '|', ',') and model "attribute" again.

In the below image, we have created a data format for our model "user" and input the required values.

Example banner

The below image shows how your data format looks when successfully added.

You also get the option to edit or delete your data format.

Example banner

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